"I have had many massages throughout my life as I love having massages – and I found Dr Alex’s massage to be one of the best I have received!  He is very personable and able to answer any questions you might have about your treatment – which is really important as it helps to improve your own health and wellbeing if you can understand what is happening and where the issues might be.  The massage itself was really excellent and a good pressure for me.  Ayurvedic massages I have had before can often be too sweeping and not enough targeted pressure to release specific knots in muscles – but this was not the case with Dr Alex and I felt that he worked hard to release specific issues particularly in my shoulders.   After having the Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by him, my general health has been improved, especially my skin and digestive system . All in all I found the whole experience very enjoyable and good value for money and I would definitely recommend his treatments to others''.
    Biddy O'Donohoe, Brockley

    'I recently discovered Dr Alex after looking for a massage treatment place close by. I suffer from lower back pain and muscle stiffness (caused by stress) in my shoulders. I had a hour and half full body massage with Dr Alex and it was the best massage I have had in my life! I used to be a big fan of Thai massages but have now been converted. Prior to my treatment, Dr Alex consulted me on the issues I was suffering and tailored his massage to suit accordingly. After my massage, he sent me recommendations for exercises to do in between treatments. It was a wonderful treatment and I would highly recommend his services'.
    - Anna Cotton  (London) 26
    Guardian Employee, North London
    'Having tried many spas and therapists in London, I have found a little gem with Dr. Alex at LCICI - I would arrive tired and you leave rejuvenated and so relaxed- ready for another week- I cant think of a better thing to treat myself'
    -Manu Secouet
    IT Manager/ BBC Journalist

    'I have been a long standing sufferer of sinusitis and migraines. After numerous course of antibiotics and procedures for reoccurring sinusitis and a chest infection, I decided to give Ayurvedic medicine a go as an alternative. Dr Alex went through all my symptoms with me before he commenced treatment and after just a few of the Nasyam treatments, I felt a significant improvement - I could also smell, taste and hear! I will be returning to Australia shortly and Dr Alex has been very helpful with organising medications and treatments once I return back home. Thank you Dr Alex! '
    - Sue Hogg (Australia) 60

    Senior  medical nurse superintendent

    "I have been enjoying a deep tissue massage on a monthly basis and benefitted greatly from the care and attention given. I use a computer daily and the muscle strains associated with the overuse have been eased away with Alex's skills and techniques. Regular massage is essential for life in London and i defenitely reccomend Dr. Alex."
    -Celina Kerr, Islington Council
    'Great massage treatment from Dr. Alex sorted out a nasty back spasm. Great result- back in action'
    -Virginia C, BBC Employee, North London
    'I have been treated by Dr. Alex on three occasions and find him to be very thorough and effective in bringing my body back into balance. I would highly recommend him'
    -James , Juice Plus
    'I feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed after my treatment, also the Anti- Dandruff Ayurvedic oil is found very effective, thanks Dr. Alex'
    -Fiona Macey, Founder of Heart for the Poor -Charity, Catford
    'The best body treatment I have ever had in my life'
    -Sarah Weaver
    Holistic Therapist, Bristol
    'Dr Alex gives excellent massages and Ayurvedic treatments - you come out feeling, refreshes, relaxed and invigorated at the same time'.
    -Sabrina, South Kensington
    'The massage treatment I received from Dr Anil Alexander was one of the best massages I have ever had, the pressure was consistent and thorough and I felt extremely relaxed afterwards. I was also able to feel where my trigger points were as he was very accurate in treating these areas. I have to
    travel to London at least once every few months for work and I always try to book for a massage with him at the same time. I would recommend him to
    anyone wishing for a truly good massage treatment'.
    -Sophie Taylor
    Holistic Therapist
    'Dr. Alex is an experienced Ayurvedic physician and massage therapist. His approach is specific, targets problem areas yet is really restorative. Every week my dad is getting treatment from him as he is suffering from Parkinson's. My dad is feeling much better now..!. Definitely recomend it to anyone young or old'.
    -Remla Ahmed, North London
    'There are many Ayurvedic and holistic practioners, but Dr. Alex is defenitely in the 'expectional' category. His Ayurvedic treatments are traditional and unique and have provided me with tremendous relief and restoration! I can honestly say that he has magic hands and i would highly recommend him! Truly exceptional and a great blessing!!
    -Megna Vadera, Therapist & Marketing Consultant
    'After trying several massage techniques, I found the Ayurvedic massage given by Dr.Alex the best as I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a session. I would recommend Dr.Alex if you are not faint hearted. He listens your body and works with you to relieve your stress'.
    -Edward Richards
    Graphic Designer, Paralympics
    'I have been suffering from osteonecrosis for the last three years and due to that I have symptoms of osteoarthritis. But the Ayurvedic medicines and oils recommended by Dr. Alex are helping me a lot. Now I can walk fast, and also the swelling on  my knees and the pain is considerably reduced' many thanks Dr. Alex,  I am happy to recomend Ayurveda to everyone'
    -Dr.Hillary Milsan
     Medical Consultant, Islington

     'I consulted Dr. Anil Alexander in the interest of doing a series of detoxifying and rejuvenating treatments in a tailored Panchakarma program to improve my overall health. Never have I felt so energised and uplifted yet calm, grounded and rejuvenated like after one of Dr. Anil's Ayurvedic treatments. He treats not just symptoms, but the causes underlying pain and suffering. He heals not only the body, but also the mind and spirit. I am very impressed by how he applies his wide range of expertise and I admire his pure dedication to healing people. I wish for everyone to experience the mind blowing health benefits of Ayurveda in the healing and humble hands of Dr.Anil and will return regularly for his beautiful work. Namaste!

    -Angelica Lundberg, Psychology Student, Arsenal, London

     'Best nourishing massage in London tailored to your needs can be found at http://healingsparshayurvedalondon.com/. It's also incredibly good value for money. Call or email Dr. Anil for an appointment today, you are not gonna regret it. In fact, you'll probably become a regular like us :)

    -Martin Jacboson and Angelica, Islington, London